atheist questioning whether there is an intelligent designer God

Why You Should Consider Old Earth Creationism

A HUGE portion of college students are interested in careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. And those same college students are also being told in church that there’s only one literal interpretation of Genesis…the one that translates “6 yom” as “Six 24-hour days”.

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That’s cool if you’re a young Earther–We love you and have no issue with this view! It’s not a salvation issue. But it’s important to discuss OLD EARTH also because it’s the view that is going to allow STEM people to come to faith and/or KEEP their faith.

Science, Tech, Engineering, Math…

STEM people are going to be familiar with all of the evidence that suggests the Earth, and the universe even moreso, are old. And those same people are going to have picked over their Bible and realized that when it says “The heavens declare the glory of God,” that’s a call to use our powers of observation to make inferences about the existence of God. An old Earther has no conflict with this.

We have another video all about old Earth creationism specifically, a few posts ago. You can also find our latest kids’ apologetics book, “Where Did the Universe Come From?” which teaches kids the evidence that God made everything, without enforcing a young Earth perspective.

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