What Impossible Thing Do You Believe?

Have you considered that…

  • Either something came from nothing, OR there was a cause outside of space and time.
  • Either information, such as is found in DNA, writes itself, OR someone wrote it.
  • Either complex systems that require all the parts in order to work just appeared, OR someone designed them.
  • Either the Bible just happens to be the only holy book that keeps being proven right by modern science, OR it’s actually true…

Think about these things for a few minutes…

Don’t brush it off; really sit down and ask yourself which of these things actually make sense.

It can be tough to question our existing beliefs.  They’re comfortable to us.  It’s jarring to consider, even subconsciously, that we might have to completely change our entire worldview if our preconceived notions are incorrect…

But that’s critical thinking for you.

We all have our own biases, but in order to think critically, we have to be willing to at least try and identify and work around them.

Is believing in Jesus impossible? So is the alternative

God Made Everything

Do you believe that God made the entire universe and gave us everything we have? The natural reaction when someone gives you a wonderful gift is to be GRATEFUL! That is the right thing to do! God is perfect, and originally, when God made everything, no one had ever done anything morally wrong, and so God and humans could live together as a family! However, each of us chooses to do morally wrong things (sin), and that separates us from God (Romans 3:23).

Our Sin

We could never cancel out the damage done by our sin…

But, because God loves us, He offered to do this. He came to Earth as a human (Jesus Christ) and willingly gave His life, the highest price possible, to take the punishment we all deserved for our sin. God wants to forgive the wrong things we have done, but He won’t do it unless we ask. If you agree that sin is wrong and want to accept Jesus’ offer to pay for your sins so you can have a family relationship with God in heaven some day, you could pray something like this:

God, I know I have done wrong things in my life. I am so grateful that you love me so much You gave Your life in order to pay for my sins. I could never undo the damage of my sins by myself, and I need a savior. Please forgive me for doing wrong, and help me live the way You have asked us to. I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.

What’s Next?

Read the Bible, seek Christian community, pray

Read God’s Word

First, get to know God’s word and start reading the Bible.  You can easily do this for free on your Apple device, Android device, or computer, and audio versions are available for easy listening in your car or around the house.

Start Talking to God

Start talking to God every day…in fact, that’s really all that praying is.  Thank God for things, (gratitude will make you happier, anyway!) ask Him for help, tell Him your concerns, etc.

Get Answers

Many questions can be answered in our tough questions archives, where we have articles and videos covering a number of common objections, especially those from non-religious people.

If you have specific questions, good news: This is still a small enough ministry that we can answer questions directly.  There’s a link at the bottom of the page to contact us, or you can find us on various social media platforms (links at the top of this page).

Find Community

Then, definitely find a local Bible-believing church.  Depending on where you live, this may be challenging, but it’s vitally important to seek friendship and meaningful connection with other Christ followers.

As your understanding of God’s word grows, you may find yourself wanting to move churches at some point, and that’s totally ok.

Congratulations on your new lifelong journey!  The road is difficult, but one day, you’ll look back on this life knowing that taking it was the best decision you ever made.

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