7 most amazing scientific facts in the Bible

7 Most Amazing Scientific Facts in the Bible (Video Shorts)

How did the writers of the Bible manage to never get a scientific fact wrong?

Not only did they never get a fact wrong, they got quite a few amazing ones right…things that people living at the same time had no way of knowing and quite frankly DIDN’T know, such as:

  • The universe came from nothing and had a beginning (Gen 1:1, Heb 11:3).
  • Correctly naming the only 2 star constellations that are gravitationally linked (Job 38:31)
  • The Earth hangs in space, not on a turtle or some other solid foundation (Job 26:7)
  • Basic principles of hygiene and cleanliness, way before their time: (Lev 15:13, Deut 23:12-13, Lev 13:45-46)
  • Oceans have currents and paths (Ps 8:8)
  • Plants should be used for medicine (Ezek 47:12)
  • Accurate description of water cycle (Job 26:8, 36:27-28)

And there are plenty more.  Like this stuff?  Let us know & we’ll do more!

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