big bang proves an intelligent creator God of the Bible

Why the Big Bang Proves a Creator God

The Bible was right about so many things…and that’s why, believe it or not, scientists largely resisted it when it was new.

The Bible says that time and space had a beginning…and that they were created from nothing (Genesis1:1, Romans 4:17, Hebrews 11:3).

We already know that the entire universe is ridiculously fine-tuned, and that what begins to exist must have a cause.  The Bible tells us that cause is an intelligent creator.

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The Big Bang Theory’s Rise to Prominence

The last thing scientists wanted at the time that the Big Bang Theory came to prominence was a reason for the Christians of the day to be able to say, “We told you so!”  But nonetheless, the Big Bang Theory has risen not only to the position of the most prominent theory on cosmology in modern days, but also to one of being proven more and more with each subsequent discovery.

As just one small example, the BICEP2 telescope recently allowed us to view the imprint of the gravitational waves that, until recently, were only theoretical byproducts of the Big Bang.  Now, of course, one would be hard-pressed to deny them!

why the big bang proves a creator God

A Steady State?

In the mid 1900s, the Big Bang Theory’s main competition was the Steady State Theory.  In this theory, the size of the universe is constant, and there is general opposition to the idea of a finite age.

However, with more and more discoveries like that of the BICEP2 telescope, this theory has largely been abandoned.

Scientists really didn’t want to abandon it, though…because if the universe isn’t eternal, then not only is the Bible right about it having a beginning, but also, it means that space and time didn’t always exist…

big bang as evidence for an intelligent designer

What Begins to Exist…

And, what had a beginning must have a cause.  And, if space and time themselves began to exist, the cause must necessarily be OUTSIDE of space and time.

The Bible, predictably, names that cause as an intelligent creator God.  But to deny that this conclusion makes sense is to deny the obvious.  What looks designed generally is…and nothing is designed without a designer.

Even the most complex feats of human engineering can’t hold a candle to the complexity that exists in the fine-tuning of the universe, from the precise values that describe natural laws to the distances between heavenly bodies to the folding of proteins to the encyclopedias’ worth of information found in DNA.

complexity of atoms and molecules as proof of a designer God

And So?

That’s why many scientists, atheists included, have concluded that the universe, and everything within it, certainly LOOKS designed.

Occam’s Razor is a principle that can be summed up as saying, “The simplest explanation is typically the best one”.  In other words…for a universe with a finite beginning, and which displays more evidence of design than even the most complex feat of human engineering…it makes sense to conclude that it most likely IS indeed designed, rather than some other more far-out explanation.

It’s not a case here of “I don’t know, therefore God!” as many skeptics may proclaim. 

Instead, it’s more akin to looking at the fossilized remains of an enormous animal and concluding that such a creature once existed, rather than fabricating some other explanation for the existence of such gigantic fossilized bones.

Occam's Razor infers that the simplest explanation is typically the best - universe looks designed and is designed.

We’re using the clues around us and saying, “What makes the most sense?”

The complex explanation that seeks to rival the “intelligent creator” concept is, of course, the modern notion of the multiverse.  To explain why our universe looks designed…but presumably ISN’T actually so, an entire infinite network of infinite universes sprawling out from some sort of super-generator had to be imagined…all, of course, without any evidence pointing to the existence of any of these things.

There absolutely zero in terms of evidence for the multiverse. 

To make matters worse, it’s an unfalsifiable negative (ironically, the very logical fallacy that skeptics falsely accuse Christians of when discussing the concept of a creator God).

We’ve got evidence for a creator God!  The same cannot be said of the multiverse.  

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