What’s So Special About Our Books, Anyway?


Kids today are extremely under-equipped to defend their faith.  They mostly can’t describe what Christians actually believe in a way that a general audience could understand…that is, without all the “Christianese” terms that are only ever heard in churches.  They have big questions about the faith that too often go unanswered.  Most are so ill-equipped to defend their faith that they’ll crumble the first time a kid on the playground throws a softball objection to Christianity their way.

As a mom, I wanted more for my child.  I wanted books that would help kids understand, with clarity and with age-appropriate content, WHAT Mom actually believes and WHY she believes it.

Are you tired of so-called Christian kids’ books that focus only on the surface of colorful stories but forget to teach about the underlying concepts those stories are supposed to convey?  Or, are you sick of books that insult your intelligence, or worse, insult your 4-year-old’s intelligence?  Or, do you get annoyed with overly simplistic books that only refer to Jesus as the “Son of God” (which he is!) but fail to also mention that he IS God, presumably so that they can appeal to a wider audience?  So are we.  And that is why we started writing books.

Ready to get started?  Grab your copy of Where Did the Universe Come From today!