what does give it to God mean

What Does ‘GIVE IT TO GOD’ Actually Mean?

I used to get so AGGRAVATED when people would use that phrase…”Just give it to God!”

It is my opinion that this particular bit of Christianese is thrown around indiscriminately and ends up causing a lot of unintentional hurt and insult when done so insensitively. Or maybe that’s just my experience!
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Either way…I am sure there are plenty of new believers that would feel the same way when met with this phrase as the “answer” to their problems.

What does “Give it to God” mean?

what does give it to god mean

It was quite a few years into my own Christian walk, which began as an adult, before I could really understand the meaning of this phrase.

“Give it to God”

I have Jesus, and since vengeance is the Lord’s, I don’t need to hang on to this anger to prove to myself that I’m not a doormat. God will take care of whatever needs to be done here.

Give it to God…

I don’t have to keep overstressing myself to try and make sure we can buy the new car. If God wants us to have it, it’s going to happen. And if it doesn’t, I would be in sin to reject God’s answer of “no”.

give anxiety, anger, and grief to Jesus

Give it to God!

This hopeless situation I’m in doesn’t define me. I don’t need to hang on to the anxiety I have over it, as subconsciously, it’s just me trying to control things. God is in control, He’s already heard me ask for the outcome I’m hoping for, and because HE CARES for me, He WILL consider that in giving His answer.

That sort of thing.

This mental shift can happen slowly, or immediately (as it did for me). Then again, that’s often how I work…I stew over something obsessively until one day, I don’t. God grants me the answer. And I can be at peace. And it has to be that way, I guess, so I know it was Him! I’m stubborn, I guess.

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