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3 Reasons I Now Believe in an Intelligent Designer (Video Shorts)

I went to university and worked in a STEM field for over a decade.  I used to argue down believers just because I could, and I thought it was fun.  I used to mock people who had faith in God…so what changed?

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As an ex-atheist…What changed my mind about whether God made everything? Long story short:  I could no longer believe that something came from nothing, consciousness just sprung up spontaneously, that life came from non-life…etc. And then there are a few specifics:

The universe must have had a first cause

The Big Bang theory continues to be the most well-supported theory out there on how everything got started in the very beginning.  And scientists didn’t like it at first, because the idea that the universe had a beginning confirms the Bible, and that likely made them highly uncomfortable.

New evidence continues to support the Big Bang theory and lead us away from other contenders.

Earth and universe, fine-tuned design

Fine-tuned design

There are so many possible elements to discuss here, but let’s just go over a few:

  • DNA, and the encyclopedias’ worth of information it contains
  • A single cell’s complexity
  • Ball and socket joints

Genetic Adam and Eve

Genetic evidence points to a single male and female at the origin of humanity…often referred to as a genetic Adam and Eve.  Both mitochondrial DNA (tells us about the mother’s line) and Y-chromosomal DNA (tells us about the father’s line) trace back to the single ancestral sequences of a single female and a single male.

genetic adam and eve

Where are the missing link fossils?

Even the supposed “missing link” fossils in the human ancestral line keep being proven as frauds or mistakes, time after time.  This has happened a number of times just on the supposed human ancestral line, and for other theorized ancestral lines, we don’t have any at all.

With so little evidence, why is there such pushback attached to the mere act of raising questions in this area?

biblical evidence for creation, the Bible gets the order of creation right

The Bible gets creation right.

The Bible gets the order of creation events right, uniquely among holy books…as in, no other holy book gets it right.

For more insights on this, check out the parent notes for “Where Did the Universe Come From”, our latest kids apologetics book.

And speaking of this book…As an ex-atheist with a STEM background, I wrote the apologetics book I wanted my little one to have…one that wouldn’t insult my or their intelligence. So I wrote it: here.

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