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Why Does God Have to Punish Sin with DEATH? (Video Shorts)

Why does God have to punish sin with DEATH? We’ll get there eventually, but the short answer is this: God’s legal system requires punishment for wrongdoing, and it had to be this way because God is just.

God CAN do anything, but that doesn’t mean that He will. He won’t do things that are unjust, for example. We all know that when murders, rapists, and thieves get off the hook, especially if their crimes affected us personally, it’s WRONG. God is perfect…infinitely good. And so, all moral wrongs, to Him, are infinitely bad.

God created a perfect world in the beginning, and even one moral wrong (sin) destroys perfection…and so, looking from it that way as well, sin is a pretty big deal.

Moral wrongs have to be punished, or justice hasn’t been served. Each one of us has chosen to do morally wrong things. That means that we all have/had punishment coming, from a legal standpoint in God’s system. Jesus voluntarily took our punishment at the cross. It was our punishment; death had a legal claim on us. He paid the debt, so we no longer have to. We owed a bill, in the amount of our lives…and Jesus paid it. In other words, to satisfy His own legal requirements, God took the death penalty Himself, essentially wiping out what we would have owed.

If you think that’s amazing, then read on for what to do next…

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