atheist questioning whether there is an intelligent designer God

Why Does God Get to Decide What’s Right and Wrong? (Video Shorts)

Sovereign. That’s the word of the day here. God is sovereign. He made everything. He set up all the rules.

If you wrote a video game, and the characters started complaining about how you didn’t give them a big enough house or made their hair the wrong color, it would be obvious that something was more than a little off.

How much MORE is it off when we think we know better than God when it comes to the world WE live in?

God made everything and gets to set the rules…but there’s another VERY important reason we should be glad that He gets to call the shots: He’s GOOD!

Yes, it’s a fallen (imperfect) world, and YES there is pain and suffering…but God, who is under zero obligation to do *anything* for us actively sustains all life and keeps things running. The things he DOES let us experience will ultimately be used for good (Rom 8:28). Only a good God would do that.

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