How to recognize God's voice and distinguish it from your own thoughts

How to Tell God’s Voice from Your Own Thoughts

It seems like every day, people around us are claiming to have heard from God.

Maybe YOU are wondering if you heard from God?

God absolutely DOES speak to us, but we need to be super careful about making sure that what we SAY that God told us is, in fact, ACTUALLY from God…because if we get this wrong, we’re not only following our own thoughts but also misrepresenting God, which, just leafing through the Bible, carries some pretty hefty consequences.

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God will never contradict what He’s already said.

He’ll never speak to you maliciously or in a mean-spirited way…and the more we spend TIME with Him, the more we’ll learn to hear His voice.

God will never contradict what He’s already said…so read your Bible

read your Bible and become familiar with God's voice so you can recognize it

God’s voice is never mean-spirited or malicious.

If that’s the vibe you’re getting, it’s pretty safe to say that’s NOT from God.  Additionally, if it IS from God, you probably won’t be left wondering if it is or not…you’ll KNOW.

spend more time with God to better recognize His voice

God’s voice is easier to recognize when you spend more time with Him.

If you think you’ll miss it…that probably just means you need to spend more time with God. These kinds of activities might include: Praying honestly and from the heart, reading and studying your Bible, spending time in worship, and more.  It’s definitely not a matter of legalistically sticking to some reading schedule or reciting a certain number of prayers, though.  We’re talking about real quality time here.

Think along the lines of: What are the things which, if I actually did them frequently, would orient my mind and heart toward God and make the constant awareness of His presence the DEFAULT in my thoughts and mindset?

Then do those things!

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