Doesn't the Bible Conflict with Science? (Video Shorts)

Doesn’t the Bible Conflict with Science? (Video Shorts)

Can we believe that the Bible is true, as science-minded individuals? Absolutely. And no, we’re not kidding, at all.  We’re also not going to wiggle out of this by mistakenly classifying literal parts of the Bible as allegory/poetry.

The Bible isn’t a science book, but what it does say about the world has to stand up to what we know from science, and it does. There are places where the language isn’t clear on certain issues, and for that reason, Christians have argued since the beginning on topics such as how long the creation “days” (Hebrew: “yom”) actually were, whether the “waters above and below” refer to some celestial ocean or just the water cycle, and many more.

Bottom line: So long as you love Jesus, you’re good to go. But also…it’s important to understand the perspective that may enable your science-minded friends to finally give the Bible a chance. Source? I was once the atheist who needed to hear this.

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